You can refer to DAY ONE of the HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING WORKOUT to read about what HIIT is and the fat burning results you can achieve.

As always, start your workout with a stretching routine to warm up your muscles to help avoid injury during High Intensity Training exercises.


Do Squat Hops and Quick Feet in Place  for 30 seconds each, then rest for 1 minute.

Do Burpees and Jumping Jacks for 30 seconds each, then rest for 1 minute.

Do Plank Leg Lifts and Sit Ups  for 30 seconds each, then rest for 1 minute.

Repeat for 4-5 circuits.

Note of Caution: I found out the hard way to avoid drinking water, or only take an occasional sip, otherwise you may get nauseous as you do a lot of bouncing up and down with this workout! 

Additional Note: If you find that you can’t complete a circuit, try modifying rest periods to 30-60 between every exercise until you build up enough endurance to complete circuit without modification.

High Intensity Workout Day 4

7 Day High Intensity Training Workout for Maximum Fat Burning Results: Day 4 Circuit

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