This 7 Day workout program is geared to maximize fat burning. 


Muscle contraction is a major contributor to fat loss.  The more muscle mass you contract, the more calories you burn.  And not just during your workout, strength training (effort, muscle fatigue and sweat), boosts your metabolism right into the next day. Why? Anaerobic (meaning without oxygen) exercise causes you to use more oxygen after you exercise which makes you burn more calories and boosts your metabolism for the period of time it takes your muscles to recover.


Push ups (12)

Weighted Reverse Lunges (12 each side)

Front Raises (12 each)

Chair Dips (15)

Goblet Squat (15)

Weighted Crunches (20)

30-60 second rest period between each exercise

4-5 circuits total 

Note: For beginners, increase weight gradually as your fitness level improves.

Additional Note: Be sure to start your routine with stretching to help avoid injury. 

Strength Training High Intensity Workout

7 Day Workout to Maximize Fat Burning: Day 2

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