Who can participate in AHB’s Health Benefit Plans?

Groups, Associations, Families, Individuals, Seniors. Everyone!

How do I Save on My Healthcare Needs?

Simply present your card to your healthcare provider and pay the special Discount Rate at the time of service. There are no co-pays or deductibles you have to meet.

Is Affordable Health & Benefits, LLC. an Insurance plan?

No, AHB is not traditional insurance. Actually, our members enjoy the flexibility of this program because it allows the acceptance of anyone regardless of medical conditions. Members have access to 400,000 providers nationally and no medical exam or lengthy health questionaire is required. Our members enjoy immediate savings when presenting their card to health care providers and significantly reduce their out of pocket expenses.

How soon can I use this plan?

In approximately 2 weeks after application you will receive your membership card and a Member Kit describing each of the programs and how to use them in detail. Your membership will be effective on the first of the month following the month in which you applied.

How do I know which providers will honor the Affordable Health & Benefits Membership card?

You will receive a list of providers in your member kit, a toll free customer service number is also provided so you can locate local providers and/or web site links to search for providers in your area.

How do I pay for my healthcare program?

A member has a choice of monthly, quarterly, or annual payments that are made by electronic bank draft system or by credit card. An annual membership can be paid one year in advance which will be invoiced yearly.

What if I need medical assistance when I am traveling?

A toll-free customer service number is available to you for information on providers throughout the country or for any other assistance you require in using the program.

Can I use the Affordable Health & Benefits program even if I have other Insurance?

Yes! In most cases the health care plan can be used to complement your current Insurance plan to reduce your out-of-pocket expenses.

If I am on Medicare, can I use the Affordable Health & Benefits health benefits program?

Yes! The health care plan provides significant savings on services that are not covered by Medicare.

I have been turned down by Insurance companies before. Can I still join your health care program?

Yes! Everyone is accepted regardless of health or medical conditions.