For only $39.95 a month, members have access to one of the largest doctor networks in the nation. Members save on doctor visits and specialists, hospitalization and facilities, lab testing and imaging, Teladoc, dental and vision care, prescriptions, alternative medicine specialists, chiropractors and more. There are no restrictions on the number of  visits and no extra fees or paper work. Simply present your member card to the provider and pay the savings rate at the time of service. Click each health benefit below for detailed description.

IH365 Optimum Health Plan

$39.95 Monthly 

Plus One Time $10 app fee


IH365 Donates Funds for 27 

Meals to Elementary School 

Children in Need on the 

Weekends to Blessings in a 


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IH365 Donates Funds for Meals

to Elementary School Children

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