Increase employee / member retention and satisfaction with affordable group health plans and dental plans, voluntary health benefits or individual health plan options and lifestyle benefits they can really use with nationwide access! With Medical, Dental, Vision, Prescriptions and Teladoc and a host of other health benefits that will make a big savings impact for your employees or members, you can’t go wrong!

Not only do we offer health and lifestyle benefits we also engage and educate your employees /  members with weekly health and wellness information, including health, nutrition, fitness, personal development and healthy recipes for the wellness of the whole person.

And if you don’t see a benefit package design that fits your needs, give us a call, we will tailor a benefit package that will be exactly what you are looking for!

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Our health and lifestyle Benefits can benefit the employer and the employee in a number of ways…

Peace of Mind: Use as many time as needed,  no paper work, nationwide access and no restrictions on who can utilize our products and services.

Reduces Healthcare Spending: Greatly improve your bottom line when you offer affordable group or voluntary health and lifestyle benefit packages to your employees / members.

Creates Educated Healthcare Consumers: We will educate you regarding your Discount Health Benefits, which leads to increased utilization and boosts morale and employee retention.

Reduces Employee Absenteeism: By utilizing benefits such as Teladoc, NurseLine(TM) and Doctors Online employees / members can simply make a phone call and speak to a U.S. board certified doctor or a highly trained registered nurse regarding a wide range of common medical issues. According to the American Medical Association over 70% of doctor visits can be handled over the phone, which not only reduces absenteeism, it can also reduce claims loss which translates into saving upon renewal time and also reduces employee’s out of pocket expenses, helping your employees to stretch their healthcare dollars.

Increased Employee Retention: Enhancing your employee / member compensation benefit package with high value products and services increases employee satisfaction and makes them more likely to stay with a job. According to the 2014 Guardian Workplace Benefits Study, 79% of employees surveyed said benefits are important when considering sticking with a job. In addition, the 2014 Aflac WorkForces Report found 60% of employees at medium-sized companies are likely to accept a job elsewhere with slightly lower compensation but better benefits.

Boosts Morale, Attitude: Offering a healthy employee / member benefits package helps to boost morale and attitude, producing loyal employees who work productively to secure a company’s success and therefore their own.

Healthier Workforce:  With a complete benefits plan in place and educated employees / members regarding their health benefits package, benefit utilization increases, creating a healthier workforce.

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