Nutritional Yeast is an inactive form of yeast that is not used for baking, it is a food supplement that is loaded with health enhancing nutrients.

It is normally grown on cane or beet molasses and then harvested, washed and dried with heat and then crushed or broken up into flakes for packaging.

Nutritional Yeast has a savory, cheesy, nutty flavor and is good to add to soups or stews as a flavor enhancer and thickener. You can also add it to pasta dishes as an alternative to cheese or you can add it to smoothies or even sprinkle  it on your salad or some popcorn.

Nutritional Yeast is a complete protein and it is also a great source of B vitamins.  B vitamins are great for heart health, enhancing cognitive ability, they improve your mood and increase energy levels.

Nutritional Yeast also includes several minerals:

  • Iron
  • Selenium: Promotes thyroid health and has cancer fighting properties
  • Zinc: Helps to boost your immune system and helps you to fight colds. Zinc is an antioxidant which helps to reduce inflammation, fight cancer and balances hormones.

Nutritional Yeast includes beta-glucan which is a type of fiber that helps to lower your bad cholesterol levels and improve your good cholesterol levels.  Beta-glucan also strengthens your immune system.

Glutathione a powerful antioxidant is also found in Nutritional Yeast and helps to fight cancer, improves your immune system and helps to prevent the diseases associated with aging and promotes healthy skin and hair.

So try out Nutritional Yeast in some of your favorite dishes or smoothies. It is an excellent natural source of nutrients to improve your health.



Health Benefits of Nutritional Yeast

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