Attorneys help with traffic tickets, bankruptcy, divorce, and spousal and child support. Additional services are also available at no cost to you!

Free legal services include:

  • Attorney consultations
  • Attorney made phone calls on your behalf
  • Help with legal documents,
  • Assistance with Welfare and INS,
  • Representation in small claims court
  • A Simple and Living Will.  

Attorneys only charge $125 an hour or 40% off their hourly rate, whichever is greater for additional services.

Deeply Discounted Legal Services*

The following are eight (8) commonly used legal services for which plan attorneys have agreed to charge a one-time, deeply discounted fee:

Legal Service Average Cost Legal Club Cost Savings Percentage
Traffic Ticket Defense $199.00 $89.00 55%
Name Change $1,100.00 $155.00 85%
Simple Will With  Minor’s Trust $530.00 $250.00 53%
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy $1,500.00 $750.00 50%
Non-Support (Spouse/Child) $1,490.00 $275.00 82%
Simple Divorce $1,100.00 $275.00 75%
Corporation (Regular) $585.00 $295.00 50%
Personal (Non-Commercial
Real Estate Closing)
$675.00 $250.00 63%
  National Average Discounted Rate Savings Percentage
Hourly Rates $204.00/hour $125.00/hour 40%

*Court costs, filing fees and time charged for travel to and from any courts are additional.